Female Balance Workshop Series #4

Female Balance Workshop Series #4

This workshop is in english and you will receive a worksheet and the video (1.5 hours) to download.

In this episode I will focus on different approaches to nutrition, movement, recovery and holistic health. We will discuss various eating styles and how they can benefit our lifestyle and individual goals but also how we can notice when it's time to change things up. There is no one way for everyone but there are also not 1 million different ways. With the help of a few guidlines we can understand the function of the individual organs and their interaction and how they need to be supported by the food we are eating.



    Principes de la médecine traditionnelle chinoise pour équilibrer les hormones, refroidir et réchauffer les aliments à différents moments de votre cycle, comprendre les besoins de notre corps et les appliquer à la nutrition et à l'entraînement

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    • Format du document: pdf
    • Langue: Anglais
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